A deep dive into all SLAB for TEFL features.
Find out more about general features as well as features specific to different types of users.


There is a reporting centre ready for you to support your daily activities and decision making. Choose the types and order of reports on the main page according to your needs. You can choose from the standard reports that we have ready for you, or you can request individual reports.


A complex system of support is ready for you. Firstly, let’s take advantage of our extensive knowledge base to learn tips and tricks, read How to..” articles, and find answer to your questions. Secondly, you can use the option Feedback directly in the app to send us a message or leave feedback on the app. Lastly, you can also reach out to us on our e-mail or phone. Our support team is there for you!

Cloud & Responsiveness

It’s in the Cloud! Therefore, you can access the app and your data from anywhere, at any time.
The main feature of the app is its responsiveness. We took extra care
to make sure that you can work comfortably from any device, no matter if you are using a wide screen, small laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Login for everyone

The app includes everyone. There is a log-in for all your employees and clients as well. Therefore, it is extremely easy to share information between your teachers, observer greeters, and office staff. And based on assigned roles, every employee will have access only to the relevant part of the app.

Adjustable modules

You can adjust the functions of the app so that it suits you. For instance, set the format of the date, select general deadlines, choose filters, and more. Or maybe you do not need to use a whole module, like Greeters? Just turn the whole thing off!


There is a build-in chat ready for you. You can instantly message with any other colleague and your students. Also, the chat keeps historical data, so you do not need to look up any older conversations, just scroll a bit up. Do you have more office staff working in administration? They can log in as Admins and always see in chat history what their colleagues discussed with your clients. Therefore, they are fully informed and can continue to provide support to your clients!

Students can easily apply through an intuitive application form, super mobile-friendly as well. Their data will automatically save into your database and modules, no need to ever copy-paste anything anywhere. The form will be integrated into your own web pages. 

The log-in for students is available directly after applying for the course. The student can track the status of the application, find information about their payments and due dates, submit their arrival information, check their assigned housing, see their greeter and also chat with them.

Instant messaging is available for the student to chat with your staff directly from their account. All of the history is available in the chat, therefore the student never has to search for the correct contact details, look up any old messages at the bottom of their email box, or worry about messages getting into the spam folder. 

A very clear personal schedule is available. Only events relevant to each student are accessible in the calendar, including lessons, presentations, tests, teaching practices, or feedback sessions. No more confusion when or when should which student be. 

All information about past and upcoming teaching practices is available in an overview. Detail section is within the reach of one click. Lessons plan can be submitted for each upcoming teaching practice right in the app.

Any feedback provided by the course staff is available for the student. For instance, after teaching practice, the relevant feedback is waiting right in the app.

Each student can view all of their grades in a clear overview. Right on the main page of the Student module.

The app is available even after the course, enabling for-life support. Find the final grade, number of the certificate, and contacts to the school; or make use of advanced features such as job offers or housing ads with a clear visualization on a world map, filterable (provided your schools offers these services to students, if not, just turn it off)